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All roads lead to our new home.

So, since my departure from Dallas to Los Angeles, I've been disconnected from the Those guys are doing a great job with the party. For those in Texas, look out for those kids.

From our camp, we're consolidating our efforts, streamlining our process and trimming the fat. Some of the articles and interviews featured here will be re-posted, some will be here in archived form. See you in the fray.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday, August 03, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Kid606 live solo shows

(Euro date formatting!!! holler)

916 Grant Avenue (at Washington St) (415) 982-0072

12.07 dour @ dour festival (BE)
13.07 birmingham @ supersonic (UK)
14.07 london-pick up the pieces!
19.07 dunkerque festival France
27.07 norberg @ norbergfestival (SWE)
28.07 norberg @ norbergfestival (SWE) ambient set
04.08 turku @ Uuden musiikin festivaali (FIN)
10.08 UK TBA
11.08 Scotland TBA
18.08 wien @ arena (AUT) w/MSTRKRFT
13.09 enschede @ gogbot (NL)
14.09 den haag @ paard v troje (NL)
22.09 moscow @ ikra
19.09 tokyo JP
20.09 tokyo JP
+ many more euro shows till halloween TBC

214 - The Factory Party

Here's some breaking party news from theThe LollipopShoppe Camp...

Come get your 15 minutes of fame! It's a fabulous party and you're invited! Dress as your favorite Warholian character or invent some flamboyant creation all your own. Come as yourself you shiny star person! Leave your inhibitions at the door and come explore.....

The "Bullets" Band

The D.C. Area dance floor killers with punk-rock pedigree have done a Voltron and pulled together a super-group ready to storm the gates of the b-more, dance-punk Parthenon. Ris Paul Ric (formerly of Q and Not U) and world-renowned DJ Dave Nada have enlisted the vocal talent of Rah to pull together their disco trifecta.

You can here their latest output here:


Read our interview with them here:
Ris Paul Ric:

Dave Nada:


1. Nada Intro 2. Tittsworth ft. Pase Rock - "WTF" 3. DJ Class - "Do It Girl" 4. Diddy "Get off" (DJ Booman Remix) 5. Mike Mumbles - "Shake Off" 6. Say Wut - "Monster" 7. Blaqstarr - "Get Your Handz Up" 8. Blaqstarr - "Hey" 9. Basement Jaxx - "Hey You" (Switch & Sinden remix) 10. Justice - "Stress" 11. Say Wut - "Futuristic" 12. Da Shop Boyz - "Party Like A Rockstar" (B EZ remix) 13. DJ Tamiel - "Wild Motherfuckers" 14. DJ Tamiel - "Bring Da Rukus" (Sinden Edit) 15. Dave Nada - "BK In The House (handbag dub mix)" 16. The Rapture - "W.A.Y.U.H." (Scottie B remix) 17. Ms Tony - "Bitch" 18. Rich Boy - "Throw Some D's" (DJ Tamiel remix) 19. Emynd & Bo Bliz - "Get Fucked Up" 20. Dave Nada - "Spell On You" 21. Mike Mumbles - "Wut Wut Pt.3" 22. Dave Nada - "Kelly Bundy" 23. Kid Sister - "Damn Girl" (Gant Man remix) 24. Disco D - "Need Another Drink" 25. T-Pain - "Buy You A Drink" 26. T-Pain - "Church" 27. Avril Levine & Lil Mama - "Girlfriend" 28. Dude & Nem - "Watch My Feet" 29. DJ Godfather - "See U No More" 30. Prince - "Beautiful Ones"

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

About Battles

Here's a bit about Battles I nicked from their Myspace page. I missed there performance in Denton on Monday, but if there record on Warp is any indication, I'm sure it ripped peoples faces off.

"The Party" storms the Granada

MIA new web site......bring on the 90's......again.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hot Flash! 7 > Chromeo CD Release Party > 06/29/07

Diplo Launchs Heaps Decent...

The prolific DJ, Producer and Globe-Trotter launches "Heaps Decent, a "non-profit music initiative" that "aims to connect current popular recording artists with students from underprivileged communities around the world and reinforce the positive influence of music education through technical skill development and public performance." You can read more about the new organization here:

Heaps Decent Myspace Page

Pitchfork Article

Burned by Dragons

This is a direct repost from Raedawn (aka Crunc Tesla, aka DMC turntable master, aka the developer of the Turntablist Transcription Methodology) about being kicked out of the Dragons of Zynth

"Our last pic togther...taken by the Voice last saturday..
originally I tried to stand to the left of Bizza...I always do by best to let my homies I always try to play the back or the side when on stage or press shoots.....but this time the photographer told me to get in the I hunched down as much as possible....

Sup y'aaallll.......
...I cried on monday.
...due to internal conflicts that have nothing to do with the music....Dragons of Zynth have kicked me out of the band at a Zenith of sorts.....Summerstage was great...thanx to all who attended.... put it in perspective.
...For the past year, I've have given 10000% to my fellow Dragons.......I provided a place live for two of them....a rehersal current numerous recordings both digital and film...........and most importantly I gave my brothers my community. I'm deeply hurt about what's happened......yet I am still a Dragon...there are a lot of us.....more than just the five in the picture..........We are Fire breathing Flying seeing....a Voltron behemoth....out of the chaos fire and confusion.... Raedawn Phoenix has been born..........I am here to wish my 3 brothers who are currently opposed to me the best future in this world......Since I know that their decision spawned from confusion.....I pray the Goddess can bring us together again....."


I would greatly appreciate it if someone could post them my sorrow...

here go some pics of what we once were....

///and here goes some press I compiled for my homies////(cover than article)

/////////Room 1000

////////Woofin -BIGGGGGUP to Aiko for hookin this up

/////////Beyond Race

from 2006 fo I joined

/////Clam (france)